E-learning E-learning can be defined as the process of acquiring knowledge and skills via the electronic communication system. It is a network-related education system where people use the internet or mostly a computer to gain knowledge. It is a recent trend in the world and people all over the world, especially students are getting the

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May Day

May Day May 1 is observed all over the world as International Workers’ Day. It is known as May Day. In the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and the USA, the workers in mills and factories had to work long shifts lasting up to fourteen or more hours a day. On May 1, 1886,

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Climate Change

Climate Change Climate change is the most important issue at present world. The causes of climate change can be divided into two categories. They are due to natural causes and the causes created by men. Global warming is the main natural reason and using harmful chemicals in everyday life is the main reason created by

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Facebook Facebook is an internet-based social networking service that connects people worldwide and everybody who has an internet connection may have access to it. It contributes much to maintaining social and friendly relationships between people living far and near. Any person wishing to be a Facebook member needs first to have an internet connection and

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Price Hike

Price Hike Price hike means rise in the prices of essential commodities. It is a widely discussed issue in the price market all over the world including Bangladesh. Price hike occurs when the prices of goods increase due to supply-side constraints. It also occurs as a result of an increase in prices in the world.

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Food Adulteration

Food Adulteration paragraph class 10 A substance added to a food item to reduce its quality in order to increase its quantity is called an adulterant. This act of addition of an adulterant to food items is known as food adulteration. The addition of adulterants may be intentional or accidental. But generally, the adulterant addition

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