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E-learning can be defined as the process of acquiring knowledge and skills via the electronic communication system. It is a network-related education system where people use the internet or mostly a computer to gain knowledge. It is a recent trend in the world and people all over the world, especially students are getting the advantages of it. Using the internet, students can enrol in many foreign courses from different academic institutions in the world. They can live in Bangladesh and complete an online course on marketing at a university located in the United States. Thus students can enrich their qualifications and broaden their knowledge. They can gain an unlimited amount of knowledge in various aspects through e-learning. The Internet has opened the road of knowledge and wisdom for them. Dr. Badrul H Khan is the guru of e-learning. In 1996 he recognized the prospect of a worldwide web for education. He was the one who first used the phrase “web-based instruction”. About e-learning, he says that this system is meaningful to learners when it is easily accessible, well-designed, learner-centred, affordable, efficient, flexible, and has a facilitated learning environment. LMS or Learning Management System is the software application which is used for the administration, documentation, reporting and delivery of e-learning courses or training programs. Dr. Badrul H Khan is particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of e-learning in Bangladesh as it has been promoting digitalization in the past few years and the government has taken some quick and positive steps to utilize the advantages of e-learning.

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