Education is the backbone of the nation

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Education is the backbone of the nation Or education is a prerequisite for the progress of the nation

No nation can prosper without education. There is no substitute for education if every nation is to reach the pinnacle of development.
The mainstay of vertebrates is their spine. Man cannot stand up straight without his spine, he cannot walk back and forth, and he cannot use force in any work. Like inanimate matter, the man then becomes lifeless. Stay away from serving the country and the ten, you have to live by relying on others. As a result, death became his only desire. Just as the spine is the mainstay of an animal’s survival, so is education the mainstay of a nation. The importance of education in national life is immense. People are able to perceive right and wrong, good and evil through education. Education develops the latent talents of human beings. There is potential talent hidden in everyone. As a result of receiving real education, one’s inner qualities are developed. Education purifies the heart by removing all prejudices from the mind. In the present age of science and technology, almost one hundred percent of the total population of the world has been able to climb to the top of success. No nation can progress in knowledge science without education, it is gradually destroyed as it cannot survive with other nations of the world. For this reason, it is said that if you want to destroy a nation, you must first destroy the education system of that nation. The uneducated nation faces step-by-step obstacles in the way of progress. As a result, all development activities ended in failure. Due to a lack of proper education, this country with a huge population (Bangladesh) is the poorest underdeveloped country in the world. If the people of the country can be educated with proper education, then we can reach the goal of development. Thus, through education, the nation can overcome prejudice, blindness, inertia, and inferiority and take its place among the developed nations of the world. Different types of education facilitate the multi-faceted development of the nation. That is why the more educated people there are in a nation, the more progress that nation can make. In order to improve or gain the ability to stand tall, the nation has to come together in real education.

Educated people can lead a country in the right direction and play a helpful role in shaping advanced thinking.

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