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Facebook is an internet-based social networking service that connects people worldwide and everybody who has an internet connection may have access to it. It contributes much to maintaining social and friendly relationships between people living far and near. Any person wishing to be a Facebook member needs first to have an internet connection and then sign up with personal details and secret passwords to ensure privacy and security. Any person can search for their friends and can send invitations. If the invitation is accepted, they become friends. They can share anything on Facebook. Facebook provides online chatting as well. With the help of Facebook, we can share our joys and sorrows by chatting with our friends. Presently Facebook can be used for raising public awareness against any illegal work. Despite having lots of benefits, it has a lot of demerits too. If any student uses Facebook to leave his studies, it must be a demerit for him. At present many criminals commit their crimes by using their Facebook with their friends. To avoid these crimes the government has already taken necessary steps against them.  So, Facebook should be used properly.

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