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Patriotism composition / essay

The motherland is very dear to every human being. Just as a mother nurtures a child with affection and tenderness, so the country nurtures the world as a child of our earth. Every man in the world loves his own country. Patriotism is the love of the country and the people of the country. Patriotism is also the name of love for creation and creator in this great event of the world. The light and air of the country in which we are born makes us grow up, we have responsibilities and duties towards that country.

Introduction: The motherland is very dear to every human being. Just as a mother nurtures a child with affection and tenderness, so the country nurtures the world as a child of our earth. Every man in the world loves his own country. Patriotism is the love of the country and the people of the country. Patriotism is also the name of love for creation and creator in this great event of the world. The light and air of the country in which we are born makes us grow up, we have responsibilities and duties towards that country. We can introduce patriotism through love for the country. So the homeland became more dear to every human being than heaven. Patriotism is considered one of the best qualities of human life.

What is patriotism: We love our country just as much as we love the mother who gave birth to us after a long-suffering. Patriotism is a great virtue. It can be called patriotism only if all the people of that land are loved as well as devoted to the homeland. Patriotism is the name of deep feelings towards one’s own country, race, language, and people. A true patriot has a great responsibility towards his country and as a result, he can do all the work for the welfare of his country. Loving one’s country and loving one’s birth mother is the same thing.

Patriotism: If a person can love himself, he can love his country. When the feeling of love is awakened in the heart, the feeling of patriotism will be awakened in the heart. From patriotism arises the world to love and the world lover becomes a human lover or human benefactor. Man’s spiritual bond with his own country is created and as a result, even the smallest element of the homeland affects the body and mind of the person. Love for one’s homeland has a touch of responsibility and duty. Love for mother, land, and people has the characteristic of patriotism. People express this passion for loving the country in different ways. One genre of patriotism is expressed in different ways including writing art and literature, the canvas of pictures, showing heroism in disaster.

The motivation of patriotism: There can be no more beloved land than the country. We get our identity because of our homeland so we are always indebted to our homeland. One should try to protect the honor of the country with one’s wealth, value, fame, and even life. The love that is expressed in thoughts, words, and deeds for the country is real love. Every human being has the same relationship with a country that has a vein-sub-vein relationship with the human body. The culture, history, and heritage of the country seem to be big. Patriotism is manifested while expressing gratitude to the motherland. Almost every person in civilized society will love his country and will be ready to do anything for the welfare of his country.

Expression of patriotism: Every human being develops a close relationship with the history-tradition, language, and literature of his country. If you want to love the country, you have to accept responsibility for the country first. In addition to acquiring knowledge, one has to develop oneself as a good person. We have to do things that increase the respect of the country from our position. You can’t think that you need a lot of money to love the country. If you want to love the country, you have to have a great heart. The types of patriotism can vary from person to person. Just as one has to sacrifice for the greater good of the country, small deeds can magnify the interests of the country collectively. Man can express patriotism according to his position, according to his ability. When the homeland is in danger, then is the best time to express patriotism. A patriot is always ready to save the country from any danger. Loving the country is the only way to repay the debt to the country.

Characteristic of Patriotism: Just as every man feels happiness in the reputation of his country, bad news of the country makes him feel more sorrow. A patriot loves his country more than his own life. Unconditionally the real country stays by the side of the lover country. If a wild animal is brought to the locality, it will never stay in the locality openly or voluntarily, and if people are told to go back to the wildlife, they will not agree to go to the forest in any way. Every animal is innately bound to love its habitat. Patriotic people are always grateful to their land, their nation. The patriot loves the people of the country and at the same time is ambitious in his desire for the glory of the country.

Example of Patriotism: Every person born in the country loves his country just as a child loves a mother. Whether the country is small in size or economically weak, it is the most beloved place for the people of that country. There are many examples of patriotism from the anti-British movement to independent Bangladesh to protect the homeland. Khudiram, Prafulla Chaki, Baghayatin, Pritilata, Suryasena Titumir are shining examples of patriotism in the Indian subcontinent. Nothing compares to the courage and self-sacrifice of these people. Many unnamed people including Salam, Barkat Rafiq Jabbar gave blood in the streets in 1952 to keep the value of the Bengali language. The mass uprising of 1969 devastated the ruling class of Pakistan. 3 million patriots lost their lives in the great war of independence of 1971, 2 lakh mothers and sisters lost respect for their country. Putting all the interests of the country above all, the country leads a loving life. Patriots always think and act for the welfare and prosperity of the country. Selfless people like Mahatma Gandhi, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose are still inspiring us to love our country. In the East as well as in the West, Lelin, Stalin, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr. have sacrificed their lives for their country. When the epidemic of coronavirus spread all over the world, Bangladesh was not spared either. Millions of people lost their jobs due to the effects of Corona. The government called on the rich to stand by the unemployed. Responding to that call, on April 21, Nazim Uddin, a 70-year-old beggar from Jhenaigati in Sherpur, donated 10,000 rupees in cash to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for repairing his broken house for two years. Nazim Uddin. During the Corona period, the students of the school tried to stand by the helpless people by depositing the money collected from Tiffin in the local relief fund. Palan Sarker has delivered free books to people’s homes on foot to develop knowledge. These people have unselfishly loved the country and stood by the people during the country’s crisis. We should follow their example.

The medium of patriotism: The medium of expressing patriotism is the country and the people of the country. A person has the contribution of the country behind all his achievements so he can sacrifice everything for the country. It is impossible to show patriotism when there is no problem in the country but only when there is a problem in the country is the best time to express patriotism. We have to work for the establishment of the rights of the neglected masses by enduring the oppression and repression of the ruling class. Patriotism can be expressed by liberating the country from enemies. Patriotism can be found only when people, irrespective of religion, caste, or creed, become the main target. Patriotism is manifested by being by the side of the country during the country’s crisis.

Feelings of love for the country: Throughout the ages, patriotic and struggling people have sacrificed their lives for the country. Standing at the end of his life, he has glorified his homeland, he has glorified human welfare. It is a matter of good fortune to be able to work for the country. The happiest feeling of a patriot will be created only when he can make any contribution to his country. It is impossible to define the feeling of patriotism. It is a matter of human consciousness. Pride of country, reputation will cause the patriot to feel happy, if it is the opposite, it will be a pain for the patriot.

The necessity of patriotism: It is never possible to make one’s personal life successful and beautiful without feeling or love for the country. To establish the success and reputation of the country, it is necessary for every human being to be a patriot. Patriots have to work to achieve the desired goal of the country. It is very necessary to work in unity to achieve the prosperity of the country. In a competitive world, every citizen needs to be a patriot to maintain the reputation of their country and establish their rights. If we do not stay by the side of the country if we do not like it, then our homeland will lose its honor which will be a matter of great shame for every citizen. Every citizen of the country has a special need to be a patriot by awakening the sense of humanity. Without patriotism, a country cannot improve in knowledge, wealth, and meaning, so there is no alternative to patriotism.

Patriotism and politics: If you want to be a real politician, it is not possible without the love of the country. The main objective of politics will be human welfare which will represent the welfare of the country. But unfortunately, at present, there are some of our politicians who have taken the initiation of self-enjoyment without the initiation of patriotism. Leaving the interests of the country behind, he is looking after his interests. The politics that is for the welfare of the people are basically for the welfare of the country. If the destiny of the people changes, the country will change, so being a patriot is one of the keys to becoming a real politician.

Patriotism and the nature of world love: The greater form of patriotism is cosmopolitanism. A country lover who can love his countrymen can love people all over the world. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, Lelin have continued the rights and struggles of the people of the country by loving the country. In the end, the love of the country of these people has been transformed into the love of the whole world. Even today, in the struggle of the movement, people wake up against injustice by putting their ideology in front. Just as knowledge is not limited to any particular nation, religion, caste, so patriotism is not for any particular country, but over time takes the form of world love. The country is a part of the world, so the country must be loved as much as the country must be loved, only then will violence, fights, and bloody wars end.

Patriotic education: Student life while real education of patriotism. At this age, people are not reluctant to make any decision for the country. People have to acquire the mentality. Today’s student is the one who will run the country in the future, so we have to adopt the oath of patriotism in our student life. It cannot be said that it is not possible to think of loving the country without student life. Many examples in the history of the world have revived themselves with the oath of patriotism in addition to gaining formal education. Therefore, patriotism education is created from self-awareness.

Introduction to Patriotism in the Light of Literature: Literature is considered to be the artistic medium of expressing one’s thoughts in writing. Many stories, poems, novels, essays, plays have been created in Bengali literature and world literature out of love for the country. Literary figures have expressed their love for their homeland in their works. The song aired on Swadhin Bangla Betar in 1971 inspired the freedom fighters. The lyricists, composers, and artists of the song have created every genre of music in a touching way out of their responsibility towards the country. The work of a writer is to create an awakening of patriotism among the people in the light of literature.

Influence of patriotism: The influence of patriotism reveals the great qualities of a person. The influence of patriotism affects the individual, family, society, and everything in one’s own country. Just as the effect of patriotism is needed to liberate the country from enemies, so is the effect of patriotism in the economic restructuring of the country. Again, patriotism affects becoming a real person. Under the influence of a patriot, a bad person can admit his mistake and run towards the truth. There is an effect of patriotism in rising above personal narrowness and becoming a real human being. People learn to love the world only by loving their country.

The current social situation and patriotism: In line with the modern world, our economic and social life has undergone great changes. The joint family is breaking up and becoming a single family, the tendency to leave the village and live in the city is increasing. The harmony of human life has started to decrease in the present society. Every human being is thinking only of his own, resulting in isolation in society. In such a social situation, it is necessary to create a sense of patriotism. We should do things that benefit the people living in society. You have to think not only for yourself but also for the country and the ten. To work for the people means to work for the country. Therefore, it is necessary to create a mentality for the welfare of the country and the nation by avoiding narrow mindedness.

The fervor of patriotism: Patriotism carries the identity of an advanced character of the people. The real patriot thinks only of his own country as well as the people of the whole world but fierce patriotism only seeks to establish the nationality or superiority of his country. Such ferocity became terrible for the world. Some countries in the West behave cruelly to prove their superiority. They do not think of a single point in unjustly attacking another country or even killing people to assert their power and superiority. Conflict becomes inevitable if the violent mentality is maintained. Extremist nationalism or extremist patriotism brings unrest and misery, so much a mentality should be avoided.

Love of country and our duty: Many people have sacrificed their lives to make the world suitable for human habitation. In almost every country of the world, patriotic people have set their standards. These noble-hearted people want to make the world a nest of peace. We have to establish the ideals of the people with noble hearts and their ideas in the society which will bring welfare to the country and the whole world. To respect patriotic people, one has to respect their ideology as well as involve oneself in the propagation of its ideology. To remove violence, violence, and unrest from today’s world, the ideology of ideal patriotism must be established in society.

Conclusion: The main goal of patriotic people will be to love people. We have to work for our country out of responsibility towards our country. Patriotism must be transformed into human love. Every patriotic person is highly respected by the people of the whole world. The interests of the country should be protected by avoiding their interests. The main duty of a patriot is to be able to make some contribution to the country and the nation by possessing great qualities like patriotism.

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