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The value of time Or punctuality composition / essay

Time is always flowing, it is not waiting for anyone, it’s the only habit is to flow. Man can be successful in his life by using the flowing time. A man comes to this world for a very short time, so to make his life happy and beautiful, the time has to be evaluated. Man has to live in the world for a while. Time waits for no one but his goal is to move forward.


Time is the most valuable thing you can spend

(Greek proverb)

Time is always flowing, it is not waiting for anyone, it’s the only habit is to flow. Man can be successful in his life by using the flowing time. A man comes to this world for a very short time, so to make his life happy and beautiful, the time has to be evaluated. Man has to live in the world for a while. Time waits for no one but his goal is to move forward. Our life can be more beautiful if we can make proper use of the time we get from birth to death. It is important to remember that everything lost from life can be regained, but if time is lost, it can never be regained.

Definition of the value of time: Once time has passed, it cannot be regained. That is why the value of time is greater than anything else. So time is one of the most valuable resources in human life. The world has changed a lot since the beginning of creation, many things have been discovered but man has not been able to invent any device or method to hold time. The current of the river does not wait for anyone, just as time does not wait for anyone. There is no substitute for the right use of time to make life successful. Time never delays for anyone on any pretext. There are sorrows in human life that affect each other but time is not affected by anything, it runs at its own pace.

Utilization of time: Time determines whether human life will be light or dark. If a person uses time wisely, his life will be full of light and if he spends his time lazily through negligence, his life will be dark. Man can never live forever but man can live among man forever through action. We have to work hard to get there by setting the right goal in life, we have to spend talent, we have to follow the time. It is not possible to improve one’s life by neglecting time. Today, when we look at the developed world, we see their endless running, the golden key to success is hidden in this running. Success is rooted in the full use of time, from personal life to state life.

The Importance of Time: The importance of time lies in the eternal truth that ‘if we do care for time, time will take care of us’. Every person who has achieved fame in the world has given the most importance to time. Spending time in laziness and negligence will never achieve anything good in life and even if it does, it will not last long. Time is the rarest object of human life so there is no more foolishness like not using time properly. People need to be aware of the value of time to make the time between birth and death honey. Sometimes a person starts to lose himself in failure but if that person can consider time and start anew, it can be transformed into success in the end. If we look at the natural features, we will see that in agriculture, there is a time allotted for the production of each crop. Human life is the same because there is no alternative to giving proper importance to time to be successful.

The reason why time is valuable:Time and tide wait for none.’ – is a very familiar phrase that helps us understand why time is so precious to us. Just as time cannot be measured in anything, so lost time can never be regained in exchange for anything. If I don’t do my work on time, then work will be left behind, time will go by, the burden of work will be heavy, fatigue will come down in life, frustration will come down. All-day work should be divided according to time and time work should be done on time. Every task of our life is tied to the bond of the interpersonal relationship. It is not possible to achieve success in life by neglecting time, so time is very valuable in the life of every human being.

Consequences of neglecting time: ‘Time will not accomplish’ Lalon Fakir’s eternal words have become clear what the consequences of neglecting time can be. In a word, the consequences of neglecting time are very tragic. Time is never seen with the naked eye, it makes no sound, it flows silently behind everyone’s back. People who are wise about how to use their time are aware of it and are completely unaware of how to evaluate a life full of indifference. So the indifferent person comes down to the darkness of the new moon in his life. If time is neglected, time takes revenge on people. Sadly cursed life, people have to live till death. Just as the work of childhood is not done in youth, the work of youth is not done in old age. There is a set time for every task in life, the responsibility of man is to complete the scheduled task considering the time. If a task is left in negligence, it will be seen later that more important work will come and in the end, it will not be possible to do any work properly.

Relationship of time value with student life: The best time to build a life is student life. Student life is compared to burnt iron because burnt iron can be turned into an object of any size while it is hot but iron cannot be shaped as desired when it is cold. Similarly, student life is a time that will determine what the future holds. If we can properly evaluate the time of student life, then the next life will be successful and beautiful. The success of the working life depends on how much time has been assessed in the student’s life. Sowing the seeds of life is the only way to get benefits in student life. If we neglect time in student life, we will not be able to return time in the future with no regrets. A student who neglects time will not only do badly in exams but the path to the next life will be dark. From student life, we ​​have to be aware of perseverance as well as utilization of time.

Punctuality in the life of the wise: In the course of life, success has been achieved by those who have evaluated time properly. If we look at the life history of those whom we remember in various ways including art, literature, science, and sports in the history of the world, we can find proof of punctuality. Reviewing the biographies of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, etc., it can be seen that there is punctuality behind everyone’s success. Jagadish Chandra Bose Patience and punctuality enabled him to prove it. Mashrafe bin Murtaza, the best captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, has been dropped from the team due to one leg injury after another, but he has used his time without losing his morale and has continued to practice slowly. Bangladesh has won many titles. Looking at the history of the world, it can be seen that Vietnam was economically degenerate after the war with the United States, but the country has made its best position in the world market in the garment sector by setting the rules and policies. Japan is a developed country in the Asian continent that suffered huge losses in World War II. The Japanese are enjoying a better life today because of the value of time and hard work. Alexander, Abraham Lincoln, has been a leader from very ordinary life. In this way, every person can be successful in life by using his time wisely. To develop talent in human beings, time must be taken into consideration. Scholars have become world-famous because of this timeliness.

Ways to use time: Every person is engaged in various activities from morning to evening, so he has to stay at work all his life. To complete each task successfully, we need to divide the time according to the task. What I do in the morning and what I do in the afternoon or evening will depend on what I do or what I do. A student’s main job is to study as well as to help keep the body fit through sports and time, especially helping with family chores. A student has to divide his / her collective work according to the time so that his / her studies will be just as well as everything related will be managed beautifully. I don’t like any continuous work or I don’t have an equal interest in working so I have to rest from time to time. Once time has passed, he cannot be found again, so we have to work with time. It is possible to use time wisely if you have a little intelligent thinking. If you have to divide the time according to the scope of work, then all the work will be completed on time. There is no alternative to using the time to establish in life.

Bengali Timing: There is a proverb prevalent in Bengali society – ‘Eighteen months a year’ This proverb affects Bengali life. We don’t do any work on time and our mentality is not to work on time. Nowhere does a program start at the scheduled time and we also assume that the program will start at least 1 or 2 hours after the scheduled time. One of the reasons for our indifference to this time in our lives is the village-based social system since ancient times. When the crop is harvested in the field in the village, the farmer has no more worries, laziness works in the farmer. We had to wait until the arrival of the English to get out of this long-running rhythm of life. Bengali life began to gain momentum when the touch of Western knowledge and science began to take hold in our society. We are moving backward where the West is increasingly succeeding in using time. However, at present, modern knowledge has come in contact with science and the life of Bengalis has changed, but it has not yet reached its perfection like in the West. Bengalis need to be aware more and more, but the stigma of our long-term laziness will disappear.

Obstacles to punctuality: The biggest obstacle to punctuality is hidden in this phase of the poem ‘Those who are lazy and ignorant can do nothing ‘. The lazy mentality is the most detrimental to punctuality. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. If ever laziness is created in our mind, then we have to consciously avoid laziness and complete the work according to the time. Another obstacle to punctuality is the selection of lazy friends. If your friend follows the time properly then you will tend to follow the time but if your friend is lazy then that laziness will affect you. When it comes to choosing a friend, you must choose a timely friend. Above all, the greatest thing in one’s own will, if one has the will power, it is possible to use time properly.

Evaluating time and gaining success in life: ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ This proverb implies the need to work on time. He never waits for anyone. To be established and successful in life, we also have to keep pace with the times and fulfill our responsibilities and duties properly. Work varies from person to person. It will be possible to achieve success in life if you complete your work properly. Therefore, it can be said that the establishment of life depends entirely on the evaluation of time.

Conclusion: Time is related to life and success is related to time. It is not possible to achieve the other by excluding one. The practice of punctuality in personal life as well as in social life always brings welfare. A person will be successful if he can enjoy life as well as evaluate time. By neglecting time we can never gain anything significant. The value of time is considered the key to human progress. So we should always remember an English proverb – Time and tide wait for none.

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