A School Magazine

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A School Magazine

A school magazine contains the literary works and other information of a school. It is published once a year. We have a school magazine in our school. To publish it smoothly, a magazine committee of usually nine members is formed in a general meeting. The members of the committee are the chief patron, adviser, editor, assistant editors, business editors, proofreaders, assistant proofreaders, etc. The Headteacher holds the post of chief patron and a senior teacher becomes the adviser. The editor, business editors and assistant proofreaders are selected from among the students. A magazine fund is also made up of the school’s Magazine Fee’. The editor invites writing both in Bangla and English. Then, after proper scrutiny, the best ones are selected for publishing. The business editors collect some money by selling spaces in the magazine for advertisements. Generally, the magazine has two sections – Bangla and English. There are messages from the Headteacher and the secretary of the school, annual reports, essays, short stories, short plays etc. It also contains jokes, quizzes and puzzles. Most of the articles are written by the students. A few articles are contributed by the teachers. A school magazine promotes team spirit and fosters to expression of the dormant power of thinking as well as writing of the young learners. It helps them to flourish as future writers and poets.

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