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Ruposhi Bangla or The natural beauty of Bangladesh composition

Bangladesh is full of natural beauty. From morning to evening, even at night, the game goes on in the beauty of Bengal. The country’s green forests, lush nature, vast beaches, and rivers are multidimensional beauty. People who are thirsty for beauty can enjoy various beauties from this Bengal. Ruposhi Bangla has decorated itself with various elements.

Introduction: Bangladesh is full of natural beauty. From morning to evening, even at night, the game goes on in the beauty of Bengal. The country’s green forests, lush nature, vast beaches, and rivers are multidimensional beauty. People who are thirsty for beauty can enjoy various beauties from the middle of this Bengal. Ruposhi Bangla has decorated itself with various materials. In lush green nature, the game of beauty goes on day and night. People rush to the mountains, rivers, seas, and forests to enjoy the beauty of nature. The natural beauty of Bengal has an impact on the Bengali language and literature.

Variety of seasons in Bengal: There are six seasons in Bengal. We see different forms of nature in different seasons. Year after year each season appears before us with its unique features. In summer, monsoon, autumn, fall, winter, and spring nature changes, the color of the sky changes. The influence of nature affects the human heart, so the rainy season brings peace to the heart which is restless in extreme heat. In the scorching heat, the field burst open, the leaves of the trees dry up, and the shelf awakens in the chest of the river. This is the form of the summer season of Bengal. When life is unstable due to the effect of heat around, then the rain of `Ashar’ appears with a feeling of peace in nature. Nature regains its life, and so does the restlessness of peace among human beings. The nature that lost its beauty in the summer regains its lost beauty in the rainy season. Autumn clouds float in the blue sky. In the middle of the pouring rain, the sun is seen again. The game of hiding and seeking the sun and rain is a feature of autumn. White bloom on the banks of the river, bright cloud runs through the blue sky. Suddenly in the morning dew accumulates on the green grass, the smell of flowers fascinates all around, nature tells Autumn. The farmer’s yard is filled with golden paddy, the Nabanna festival begins in every house. As soon as the touch of winter begins, the tree becomes leafless. winter hides in the middle of the fog.

The beauty of the morning: the unique form of the nature of Bengal can be seen in the morning. The red sun wakes up through the chest of the blue sky. The movement of the birds awakens the aura of the morning light. The form of this Bengali morning varies from season to season. However, there is no lack of beauty in any season. Autumn morning sun is desired by people but the hot sun is just as annoying. The most beautiful time in the morning in autumn and spring. Most can be enjoyed. Especially the chirping of birds in the morning, the sight of flowers blooming in different colors enhances the beauty of nature. The beauty of the morning enchants our minds.

The natural beauty of the village: village nature contains the natural beauty of Bengal. Nature lovers are fascinated by green nature. The village is adorned with trees and seems to be a source of beauty. A flowing river flowing through the heart of the countryside with lush nature growing on its banks. Bored, the boatman sails, the brides of the village come to fetch the water of the river in a pot, the shepherd returns home in the evening with a herd of cows – all in all, the village is a green land of our diverse beauty. There are green paddy fields all over the vast field, and sometimes a pair of yellow mustard fields which look like a Bengali woman sitting in a yellow sari. The relationship of the rural people with this shady-cool rural life is eternal. Urban people rush to rural villages whenever they have time to give peace of mind.

Nature of the evening: At the end of all day, when the sun sets, the appearance of the countryside changes. When you look at the form of the evening, it will feel as if it is a vivid picture painted by an artist. The farmer returns home after finishing the fieldwork at sunset, the bride is busy doing the last work of the day, prayers begin in the mosque-temple, the moon rises in one corner of the sky, and the fireflies begin to swarm, leaving the darkness behind and fluttering in the evening. Running towards one creates a different beauty. In the rainy season, when the light of the full moon falls on the rainwater, the level of beauty increases even more. The nature of the evening takes us to the world of imagination.

Variety of natural beauty: Our natural beauty of Bangladesh varies according to the various season. On the map of the world, the beauty of this small Bangladesh is manifested in many dimensions. Sometimes we see Greenish green on the horizon and sometimes we see high mountains. Here is the longest beach in the world, which is opposite to the mountains – the interaction of immaculate beauty. In the hilly region, there are mountain springs, rivers flowing through the mountains. If you look at the Sundarbans, you will see the kingdom of green. In the southern part of the country, the surviving islands in the heart of the sea are more beautiful to look at, the coconut groves all around create a different landscape. Somewhere in this country, trees are growing in red soil. Nature lovers enjoy the beauty of Bengal. Green tea gardens have sprung up on the hilly lands towards the Sylhet region and the vast water flow of the Haor region has come up with a different beauty.

The beauty of forests: Our country has the largest forest in the south called the Sundarbans. It is the only tidal forest in the world. The notable trees of this forest are Sundari, Keora, Garan, Golpata, Keora, etc. Our Sundarbans region is full of greenery. Seen from a distance, it looks as if it is not a forest, as if it is a green container. The forest trees in the Bhawal region of Mymensingh, Madhupur, and Gazipur are comparatively a little taller. The beauty of the trees in this red forest is a little different from the Sundarbans. In winter, the forests of this region become destitute, and again, when spring comes, it becomes green all around. The hilly region of Chittagong, the Lalmai hills of Comilla is the source of infinite beauty.

The beauty of Beach: The biggest difference in the natural beauty of Bengal is that its appearance varies according to time and place. Nature is not seen in the evening as it is seen in the morning. Again, the beauty of the hills or the beach is completely different from the beauty of the plains. The two main beaches of our country are Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata beach. Besides, Patenga beach also attracts crowds of beautiful thirsty people. Sunrise and sunset can be seen from Kuakata beach. Almost always nature lovers run to the beach. There is a blue sky above the waves of the vast sea, creating rows of Zhou forests growing on the seashore. White foam waves with unobstructed water will enchant any tourist. St. Martin’s Island in Cox’s Bazar is another beautiful green land. The size of this coral island is only 6 km. Coconut betel orchards cover almost all parts of the island. The unparalleled beauty of nature only arouses curiosity in the minds of nature-loving people.

The beauty of the archipelago: Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world and the largest delta in Bangladesh is the Sundarbans. The beauty of the island is a little different from the plains and mountains. Maheshkhali is the only hilly island in Bangladesh. The mountains on one side and the sea on the other create a different kind of beauty. Monpura of Bhola district, Char Kukri Mukri, Char Nizam, Sandwip of Chittagong, Hatia of Noakhali, Subarnachar, Nijhum Island are notable islands. These islands have a close relationship with the river or the sea. The island is formed in the vast wetlands. There is greenery on all sides of the island. When the full moon casts its shadow on the water, a play of light and darkness takes place. The islands floating in the heart of the South Sunil Sea have a different look and beauty.

Beauty in hilly areas: The hilly areas have enriched the natural beauty of Bangladesh. Rows and rows of high and low hills are on top of it. The green tree is like a fair of beauty. The light of the morning sun on the hillside enhances the beauty even more. White clouds touch the hills of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, vast expanses of greenery are visible in the distance, curved rivers run like a thin thread along the mountain paths, water is falling somewhere in the hills and the water is locally known as rhyme. Indigenous people have further enhanced the beauty of the hills by cultivating zoom in the hills. Above all, the hilly regions of Bangladesh have played a special role in enhancing natural beauty.

The beauty of the Haor region and rivers: There are innumerable rivers scattered like a net in this country. The river has a deep connection with the people of this country. On the one hand, the agro-based social system, on the other hand, is a means of communication, so the special contribution of rivers and the Haor region in increasing natural beauty is noticeable. This Bengal is full of canals, rivers, canals, and haors. Due to a large number of rivers, they are called riverine countries. That is why the beauty of the river enhances the natural beauty of Bengal. In the afternoon, the white buck and the birds fly away saying goodbye to the last sun of the day. Haor of Kishoreganj, Sunamganj, Moulvibazar region is rich in biodiversity. During the winter, guest birds come to our country by crossing long distances. The guest birds can be seen more in the pleasant environment of Jahangirnagar University. Beauty-thirsty people then gathered at the pond of Jahangirnagar University. Rivers play a special role in maintaining biodiversity and natural balance.

Beauty in the Plains: Plains has a specialty in enhancing the natural beauty of Bangladesh. There are vast areas of green across the fertile plains. As far as the eye can see, there is only a fair of green and greenery. The gentle breeze through the green leaves, along with the chirping of birds fascinates nature lovers. The spectacular greenery attracts people who love to travel.

Conclusion: This Bangladesh of ours has been built with unique beauty. The natural beauty of Bengal is influenced by hundreds of poets, artists, and writers. It is very difficult to find the second most dazzling beauty in the world.

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