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Coronavirus composition Or Covid – 19 composition or stay home stay safe coronavirus composition

The morning sun wakes up by wiping out the darkness of the night through the blue sky, which is predicted through the chirping of birds. As the days go by, the working man becomes busy with his working life, but this ancient modern human civilization is stagnant today. Because in today’s world there is a terrible novel coronavirus called covid 19 viruses. People are under house arrest because of an invisible enemy called coronavirus. The whole world is counting the days in fear, panic, and expectation to return to normal life.

Introduction: The morning sun wakes up by wiping out the darkness of the night through the blue sky, which is predicted through the chirping of birds. As the days go by, the working man becomes busy with his working life, but this ancient modern human civilization is stagnant today. Because in today’s world there is a terrible novel coronavirus called Kovid 19 virus. People are under house arrest because of an invisible enemy called coronavirus. The whole world is counting the days in fear, panic, and expectation to return to normal life. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global epidemic warning, disrupting the normal life of people around the world and shocking the whole world. In today’s world of modern knowledge, people are beginning to get acquainted with the term horrible covid 19 or coronavirus. As a result, the major economic superpowers are falling into a terrible economic catastrophe. This virus is taking the developing and underdeveloped world further backward. According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, people all over the world must be careful and follow the necessary hygiene rules. The world of science is constantly trying to find a cure for the outbreak of corona. we hope that ‘this darkness will pass away, the world will regain its glory’.

Definition of an epidemic: A disease is defined as an epidemic if it spreads over a wide area, especially to a few countries or continents and a large population of those regions is infected or at risk of contracting the disease. Simply put, the disease will affect people all over the world. Another notable feature of the epidemic is that it will be a contagious disease, meaning that there will be a risk of one person coming in contact with another.

The first outbreak of coronavirus: The first outbreak of coronavirus occurred on 31 December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, and the next year, on 11 January 2020, the first death was caused by a coronavirus in that city. Research continues to show how the virus first spread. The virus is thought to have entered the human body, especially from bats or wild animals. It is thought that the onset of the disease may have been caused by another person being infected by the same person later. Initially, patients infected with the virus thought they had pneumonia because the patient had a fever, but later, considering the genetic characteristics of the disease, scientists identified it as a new coronavirus.

What is coronavirus: Another name for coronavirus is covid-19. Co means corona, vi virus, D is a disease, the virus spread in 2019 so it was named covid-19. Coronavirus has multiple classes but is transmitted to a small number of people. Coronavirus `Coronavidi’ type virus. covid-19 or coronavirus is transmitted to animals. The word coronavirus comes from the Latin word in Bengali which means garland or crown. The virus, which is visible through scientific processes, is round in shape and looks like a crown for the most part. It is a virus of the RNA genus. It is more worrying than other viruses because it has no antidote. It can change form quickly. Extensive research is underway to find an effective vaccine through the discovery of the genetics of the virus. The only desire in the world today is to find an antidote capable of counteracting coronavirus through higher research.

Measures of Coronavirus Infection: Coronavirus is transmitted through cold or flu. The World Health Organization has issued several guidelines for coronavirus infection. The virus is transmitted to infected people through sneezing and coughing. The virus is transmitted through the inhalation of the smallest particles of sneezing and coughing of an infected person while they are floating in the air. Droplets or tiny sneeze particles from the mouth of a person infected with coronavirus can enter the body through the eyes, nose, mouth of another person through their hands. Upon entry, you must be infected by the virus. The virus is especially dangerous for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, lung diseases, and asthma. There is no evidence that the coronavirus spreads through water. Especially groundwater is safe enough. The coronavirus does not even spread through raw vegetables or fruits on the market. Coronavirus is a highly virulent virus that can start infecting the human respiratory tract through the nose, mouth, and eyes or after entering the body.

Symptoms of coronavirus infection: Coronavirus does not show symptoms as soon as it enters the human body. Depending on the physical condition, the symptoms appear within a maximum of 14 days or in some cases a little longer. The flu virus cannot be considered a corona patient.Many times, if there is only a headache, many people think that it has not been done. However, if he has a fever or a headache, he cannot be considered as a covid 19  patient.Some more symptoms will appear such as-

  • The body will have a fever.
  • Sneezing cough
  • May cause vomiting.
  • There will be no taste or smell in the mouth.
  • The body will hurt.
  • The body will feel tired or exhausted.
  • Lungs can be infected and cause pneumonia.

If there is any other complex disease in the body, it can also take a more complex form. The risk of coronavirus patients: In a word, people all over the world are at risk of coronavirus today. It was initially thought that the virus would not be very active in hot climates, but in the African continent, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, especially India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and other hot climates. Although the effect of the virus on the immune system of an infected person is somewhat dependent, on average people of all ages are being infected. Older people and children, in particular, are most at risk as their immune systems are naturally weakened.

Treatment of coronavirus: Acknowledging the reality, research is underway to find a cure for the coronavirus, but so far no 100% effective treatment has been approved by the World Health Organization. Initially, paracetamol is given for use. However, at present, a drug called remediator is being used in the body of a severely infected patient. also, plasma therapy, which means that after a person with coronary heart disease recovers, a type of antibody is automatically produced in his or her blood. Medical assistance is being provided to patients suffering from shortness of breath through oxygen and ventilation. The COVAX facility is collaborating with COVID 19 testing, medical, global collaboration, and vaccine discovery around the world. There are more than 170 initiatives worldwide for vaccine discovery, but there are 15 initiatives in the third or final phase. Many countries, including China, India, Russia, Australia, Brazil, England, Canada, and the United States, are constantly trying to find a cure. Russia has already approved a vaccine called “Sputnik-Five” invented by the Gamalia Institute, the first to be administered to the daughter of the Russian president, and the country’s top officials have claimed in the media that it has been successful. Among the studies discussed are vaccines from Oxford University, vaccines from a private Synovoc company in China, and Morgana vaccines in the United States. Globe Biotech’s three innovations D-614 variant mRNA, DNA plasmid, and adenovirus type-5 vector have been listed by the World Health Organization which is giving new hope to the people of Bangladesh. Initiatives to inoculate 272 coronavirus vaccines around the world for the discovery of the vaccine have taken place around the world, of which 186 have gone through innovation stages, 86 are in various stages of testing in the human body. There are already seven effective vaccines that have started to be applied in different countries of the world. China’s Synofamer vaccine is 86% effective, China’s Synovac vaccine is 79% effective, Russian-made Sputnik-V 91.6% effective, Pfizer-Biotech vaccine is 91.3% effective, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is 66.9% effective, Astazenecar vaccine is 76% effective And the Mardana vaccine is 90% effective (data source – World Health Organization and New York Times).

Coronary period food and adulteration: Some foods need to be omitted as well as nutritious food during the coronal period. Vitamins, minerals, and protein foods are needed to increase the body’s resistance to disease, so fresh fruits, green vegetables, rice, and flour foods, Amalaki vitamin C foods are very important. You have to drink hot tea 1 to 2 times. You have to eat meat, milk, and eggs obtained from the animal body. Iodized salt should be taken. Excess salt should not be taken in any way. Besides, sugary foods should be avoided. Alcohol and smoking should be stopped permanently as these substances reduce the body’s resistance to disease. Many people think that alcohol can kill coronavirus but this is a completely baseless thought. Exercise every day. Since we can’t go out of the house, we have to exercise at least 30 minutes every day indoors, on the roof, in our yard. Swimming is a very effective means of physical exercise. If possible, swim ten to fifteen minutes every day.

World Health Organization Guidelines: To prevent coronavirus infection, the World Health Organization advises everyone to stay at home. He advised the governments of each country to lock down as the number of infectious diseases increased. No one will be able to leave the house unless necessary. the lockdown can be relaxed by following the hygiene rules, but at that time, everyone must abide by the complete hygiene rules. If you want to go out of the house, you need to use personal protective equipment (PPE), hand gloves, face shields, masks, hair cover, and foot shoes. Wear clothes from outside and soak them in soapy water in the bathroom for at least 30 minutes. Hands should be washed with soapy water for at least 20 seconds and bathed. People staying at home will clean their hands every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Tissue or cloth should be used during sneezing and coughing and used tissue or cloth should be discarded. No clothes or tissues, but elbows should be used so that the droplets or saliva particles in your mouth do not get into the body of others. Abstain completely from handshakes and hugs. The nose, mouth, and eyes cannot be touched with hands. Rallies are not recommended. If you are infected with coronavirus, do not panic and stay in isolation or quarantine for at least 14 days on the advice of a doctor. If you have difficulty breathing or other complications, you must be hospitalized. Items permanently in the house especially door handles, house railings, mobile keypads, laptops, computers, the floor of the house, bedsheets, everything should be kept clean and tidy. Be careful when using elevator buttons, ATM booth buttons.

What to do to prevent the spread of coronavirus: Protect yourself and protect others – This slogan can play the most effective role in preventing the spread of coronavirus. w.h.o. We all have to follow the instructions. Everyone should be aware of the use of personal protective materials as well. There is no way to go out of the house without a mask. Try to avoid public transport, use hand sanitizer repeatedly while outdoors. They have to keep their habitat clean and tidy. We will conquer Corona through awareness, not fear. We must adhere to proper hygiene by holding this belief.

Global Situation in Corona: Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. However, the virus has spread to most countries in the world, judging by the number, it is about 221 countries. The United States has the highest number of deaths and injuries, according to the latest data. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in India, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Chile, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many other countries around the world. Life has been disrupted, people have become housebound, the business has stopped, many owners have become helpless after losing capital, many are living inhuman lives after losing their jobs. As the number of patients increased, so did the crowds in the hospitals, which kept the doctors busy all the time. . There has been a shortage of necessary medical equipment. Especially the lack of oxygen and ventilation has reached a climax. Developing countries are turning into underdeveloped countries again. The economic foundation that is the backbone of the developed world is weakening. The world’s trade and commerce have declined, the standard of living is declining. The economic downturn has started in the country, the stock market index is constantly declining. Many established companies are on the verge of closing down. We can easily assume that the coronavirus has brought an extreme crisis for the whole world. Especially in countries that rely heavily on expatriate income, the situation is much worse. In India, workers have lost their jobs and lost their way. Above all, economic transactions around the world have been declining. According to the World Trade Organization, worldwide imports and exports have fallen by about 32 percent this year. The second wave of the corona has plunged the world into a new panic. The number affected in India is now more than 340,000. The number is increasing in an unimaginable way every day. Temples, mosques, churches, and gurdwaras are being used as temporary hospitals as there are no seats in the affected areas. The fire of the crematorium is burning day and night. Corona’s influence is not diminishing in many countries of the world including Bangladesh, Pakistan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa. The United States, India, Brazil, France, and Russia are in the top five in the world. In South Asia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have more corona patients.

Conclusion: Awareness is not fear, it is victory. People all over the world are waiting for a useful and effective antidote to prevent the spread of coronavirus. People have to follow hygiene rules until the vaccine is discovered. We have to keep our morale intact and adapt to the new environment and try to overcome the crisis. The whole world must fight together against this invisible enemy. The world will regain its glory, human life will become active, the air of peace will flow in human society, this is the only wish of the world today.

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