My Favourite Person

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My Favourite Person

Favorite person means a person whom we prefer above all others. My favorite person is my English teacher. His name is Abdur Rahman. He is my Favorite person because of his qualities which influenced me a lot. To me, he is an ideal teacher. He has all of the qualities which a good teacher is supposed to have. We know that English is a quite difficult subject. But, he teaches us English in a way that we never face any problem understanding it. He explains everything very clearly. Moreover, to make the grammar rules clear to us he gives many examples. This makes us easy to remember the rules. He does not follow the traditional styles of teaching. He communicatively teaches us. He is a very friendly and easygoing person. He always tries to get the best from us. If we get stuck at any point he helps us, queries never irritate him. He never minds if we go to him to understand anything. He understands the problems of the students who are weak in English and gives them extra time. Many of us hesitate to speak in English. But, because of his helpful attitude, we gain confidence while speaking in English. Abdur Rahman is very dutiful and punctual. He always comes to class on time. Because of his noble qualities, Abdur Rahman is my favourite person. He has left a permanent impression on my mind. I like and respect him a lot.

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