May Day

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May Day

May 1 is observed all over the world as International Workers’ Day. It is known as May Day. In the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and the USA, the workers in mills and factories had to work long shifts lasting up to fourteen or more hours a day. On May 1, 1886, inspired by the trade unions workers got united in a movement to realize their demands. On that day the workers in the city of Chicago raised slogans for their recognition of their demands. This was, no doubt, a moral blow to the wealthy people. Police generally worked in favour of them. That is why police fired at the workers. In consequence, the streets of Chicago city were red with the warm blood of the workers. On that day, one striker was instantly killed, five or six strikers were seriously injured and several strikers were injured. The leaders of the workers were hanged but lastly, the undaunted workers came out successful. All the privileges, the workers enjoy today are the product of that historic struggle and sacrifice. Since then May Day has been in practice almost everywhere in the world. On this day the workers show their respect to those who sacrifice their lives, address the struggle and gain the energy as well as inspiration to fight against all injustice.

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